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Locksmith Store Astoria, NY 718-489-9782Do you suspect your home locks having been played with by a vandal. Do your locks seem to be slightly off-track lately? Call a professional locksmith today to get your locks on shape immediately! How can peaceful sleep be a possibility when you know that burglars can break-in the house at any moment? Locksmith Store is a locksmithing firm that has top-rated locksmiths who are adept at fixing all kinds of lock and key issues and suggest right solutions for all kinds of locksmith situations.

We have an amiable team of locksmiths who are dedicated to serving the community with fervor. This is exactly why our locksmiths familiarize themselves with latest evolvements in the industry and also implement cutting-edge tools and machinery to resolve all sorts of lock and locksmith issues.

Our service offerings

The 24/7 locksmith

Locks aren’t an element to be played with, whether it is a jamming issue or physical damage, the impact of it is always quite massive on personal safety and one’s routine life. When a lock issue arises, it does not come with a warning, which makes matters worse. Due to a simple lockout issue, you might ruin one of the biggest days of your life too! Don’t want to be in such a situation? Then call Locksmith Store – the 24 hour locksmithing firm to help you and we will be there within 15 minutes and redeem you from such a pressing situation within a few moments.

Home security experts

In a world that revolves rapidly and every other minute is a moment of discovery, it is quite uncanny to think that one can be the master of all, having direct control over everything. With a whole load of responsibilities placed on your shoulder, the last thing you’d want to worry about is your home security. When you are put in a stance when you’d be forced to lose your sleep due to the home security issues, all you need to do is give Locksmith Store a call to have the assistance of residential locksmiths who would offer comprehensive suggestions to fortify your home security. 

Got a wearisome lock? Call the experts

Your locks have gone cranky? Don’t know what to do about it? Call the experts at Locksmith Store to help you out. No matter what the issue with your locks, jammed, broken or rusted, our professionals will get it fixed right away!

Key-makers to serve you!

How many times have we trusted a hardware shop with our precious keys? Do you notice that they wear out in no time? Well, that is quite the case for most of the times. From now on, leave the key-cutting to the professionals of Locksmith Store who would do it with extreme dexterity and finesse.

Call us at 718-489-9782 to have the assistance of a residential locksmith in Astoria, NY area.